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K. Bauer
Lehrstuhl A für Thermodynamik, Technische Universität D-8000 München, P. 0. Box 20 24 20, West Germany

W. Winkler
Gesellschaft für Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) D-8046 Garching, West Germany

Ulrich Grigull
Lehrustuhl A für Thermodynamik Technische Universität München 80290 München Germany


A rectangular unsymmetrical convergent - divergent nozzle is built up with which integral measurements of heat transfer through a two-dimensional compressible boundary layer can be carried out very accurately.
With this nozzle the influence of favorable pressure gradient dp/dx on heat transfer through the boundary layer attached to an isothermal wall has been investigated.
The measured data are compared to measurements and predictions of other authors. These predictions are not satisfactory.
From the own measurements a simple relation is derived for the heat transfer coefficient a depending on the favorable pressure gradient dp/dx valid for the subsonic and the supersonic flow in the nozzle up to Ma = 2.2:
αr = CA + CB · log (− (Δp/Δx))
where CA and CB are functions of the stagnation pressure p0 for subsonic flow and constant for supersonic flow.

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