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International Heat Transfer Conference 8

ISSN: 2377-424X (online)
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Mean Temperature Difference Correction Factor for the TEMA "H" Shell

Kohei Ishihara
Heat Transfer Research, Inc. Alhambra, California

J. W. Palen
Heat Transfer Research, Inc., 1000 South Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, California 91802, USA


A closed analytical expression for calculating the TEMA "H" shell F-factors (mean temperature difference correction factor) is derived. The F-factor, computed for various values of NTU (number of transfer units), and the parameter R (heat capacity rate ratio), are found to be almost identical to the values of TEMA "G" shell F-factor over most of the parameter ranges. The difference becomes significant only when NTU is greater than 20 and R is greater than 4. Therefore, this work confirms for the first time that, for all practical purposes, the TEMA "G" shell F-factor can be substituted for the TEMA "H" shell F-factor. This derivation completes the set of analytical expressions for F-factors of all the TEMA shell types.

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