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International Heat Transfer Conference 15

ISSN: 2377-424X (online)
ISSN: 2377-4371 (flashdrive)

Entransy Balance Equation for Heat Transfer with Phase Change

DOI: 10.1615/IHTC15.hte.008491
pages 4265-4278

Wenhua Wang
Tsinghua University

Xuetao Cheng
Key Laboratory for Thermal Science and Power Engineering of Ministry of Education

Xingang Liang
Tsinghua University

KEY WORDS: Heat transfer enhancement, entransy, phase change, optimization


Entransy balance equations and the corresponding optimization principles for heat conduction, heat convection and thermal radiation have been established. This paper develops the entransy approach for the heat transfer system with phase change. The entransy balance equations are established for the close unsteady system with solid-liquid phase change and the open steady flow system with vapor-liquid phase change. The definition of enthalpy entransy for a substance from solid state to vapor state is proposed. The expressions of entransy and entransy dissipation are derived with differential volume integration and the concept of enthalpy entransy. The heat transfer between a two-phase stream and a hot stream in a heat exchanger is discussed with the entransy approach. The theoretical results show that the minimum entransy-dissipation-based thermal resistance always leads to the maximum heat exchanger effectiveness. A numerical example compared with entropy generation verifies the theoretical analyses. 1. Z.Y. Guo, H.Y. Zhu, X.G. Liang, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 2007, 50: 2545–2556. 2. X.T. Cheng, X.G. Liang, Z.Y. Guo, Chin. Sci. Bull., 2011, 56: 847-854 3. F. Yuan, Q. Chen, Energ., 2011, 36: 5476–5485. 4. Z.Y. Guo, X.B. Liu, W.Q. Tao, et al., Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 2010, 53: 2877–2884. 5. X.T. Cheng, X.G. Liang, Energ. Convers. Manage., 2012, 58: 163–170. 6. A.H. Wang, X.G. Liang, J.X. Ren, Int. J. Thermophys.2006, 27: 126–138. 7. Y.L. Chen, X. Wang, X.G. Teng, J. Eng. Thermophys., 2012, 33: 1597–1600. 8. W.M. Song, J

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