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International Heat Transfer Conference 6

ISSN: 2377-424X (online)
ISSN: 2377-4371 (flashdrive)


H. Tietze
Engler - Bunte - Institut Universitat Karlsruhe (Т.Н. )

R. Gunther
Engler - Bunte - Institut Universitat Karlsruhe (Т.Н. )

DOI: 10.1615/IHTC6.4200
pages 349-354


Two measurement methods for the determination of the radiative properties of oil and gas flames are discussed. The well-known Schmidt-Method, which compares the flame radiation with that of a reference radiator, can result in large errors in the emissivity. The method has been improved and the conditions are shown under which good results can be obtained. This technique being rather laborious and the scatter of the results under real conditions considerable, the author has developed a method which uses a mirror instead of the reference radiator. The measurement gives as a result the absorptivity of the flame for its own radiation, from which the flame emissivity can be calculated. To judge the reliability of both methods the concentrations of the radiating components and local temperatures were measured in luminous and non-luminous flames. Radiative properties calculated from these data agree better with the results of the mirror method than with the Schmidt-method. Calculations on the radiative heat exchange show that the values of the absorptivity of a gas volume to radiation from another gas volume have been underestimated in the past. A respective correction of the absorptivity leads to good agreement of measurement with the mirror method and calculation.

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