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The International Heat Transfer Conferences (IHTC) – the Heat Transfer Olympics – has a long and rich history that dates back to the International Discussion on Heat Transfer held in London and Atlantic City in 1951. The four-year IHTC cycle began with the third conference, held in Chicago, Ill in 1966, where the Assembly for International Heat Transfer Conferences (AIHTC) was founded.

The principal goal of the Assembly is to create and sustain a worldwide forum for heat and mass transfer specialists to present research results, discuss the state of the art, and identify the future direction and priorities in various domains of thermal science and engineering.

Professors Hartnett, Rohsenow, Eckert, and Kezios from the USA and Kutateladze from the USSR were among the leaders in creating this Assembly. Since 1966, the four-year cycle of IHTC meetings was held in Europe, Asia, and North America with an average of more than 1000 attendees.

In 2012, AIHTC Executive Delegates agreed to archive all proceedings dating back to 1951, thus, establishing an IHTC Digital Library to preserve information online that would make it easily accessible for future research and education, and to the heat transfer community.

The IHTC Digital Library has a broad topical coverage that includes fundamentals of thermal transport phenomena, traditional heat transfer applications, insightful exploration of renewable and sustainable energy conversion systems, and alongside is the emerging domains of heat transfer in bio-systems, information systems, MEMS, and nano-materials, that speaks loudly and clearly to the centrality of thermal science and engineering in the pursuit of a better life for all people everywhere.

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