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ISSN Print: 2377-424X

International Heat Transfer Conference 12
August, 18-23, 2002, Grenoble, France

Concentration Profiles at Interfaces

Get access DOI: 10.1615/IHTC12.2610
6 pages


In this paper are described the experimental investigations of the mass transfer processes of a fluorescent dye (rhodamine 6G) across an interface between two partially miscible liquids (water and 1-butanol) with an optical measurement technique, the laser induced fluorescence (LIF). The results of the experiments, the twodimensional concentration profiles, are measurable with a high spatial (110 μm) and temporal (25 ms) resolution. The concentration profiles across the interface do not correspond with those expected on basis of conventional theories. A distribution equilibrium at the interface could not be found and the concentrations are changing continuously from a minimum value in the aqueous phase to a maximum in the organic phase. Possible explanations of the observed phenomena are given.
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