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International Heat Transfer Conference 11

ISSN: 2377-424X (online)
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Van P. Carey
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A.


This paper presents a summary of recent developments in efforts to accurately microscale transport phenomena in multiphase systems. In many such circumstances, the transport is not accurately modeled by classical continuum transport models. When this is true, alternative modeling strategies such as molecular dynamic simulations, Monte Carlo molecular simulation methods and analytical models based on kinetic theory are often the most useful avenues of analysis. This review paper focuses on such alternate strategies. With the rapid increase of accessible computing power in the past two decades, the capability of molecular simulation methods to model microscale transport phenomena in multiphase systems has increased dramatically. Molecular simulation methods used to model microscale aspects of phase equilibria in multiphase systems, interfacial transport, melting and freezing processes, growth and shrinkage of microdroplets by evaporation and condensation, and high flux condensation processes are discussed in detail. Prospects for future development of these methodologies are also assessed. Analysis schemes based on modified continuum theory and non-equilibrium kinetic theory are also examined.

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